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E-commerce Websites

More and more consumers are going online to make purchases. Such modern shopping is convenient, provides more variety and saves time over physically going to the strip mall. Are you getting a piece of this action or are you on the sidelines, looking in?

Taking your business beyond the confines of the traditional brick-and-mortar model with an e-commerce website is not as difficult as it may seem. Not only will your products and services be available for purchase 24 / 7, they will also be available to consumers everywhere, dramatically increasing your geographic footprint.

Caution! Our experience has shown that not all e-commerce websites are created equal. Neon Goldfish creates e-commerce websites which are 1) engaging in design and 2) intuitive to consumers, leading to increased conversion rates. Our team can create a custom e-commerce website solution to help your business capture sales from the growing number of consumers choosing to purchase products and services online.

These advantages are inherent in e-commerce websites:

1Keep Your Business Open 24 / 7
Consumers will have the ability to purchase your products and services around the clock even after you've shut off your lights and gone home for the evening. A well designed and fully functional e-commerce website will provide consumers with everything they need to easily find and purchase what they are looking for.

2Expand Your Geographic Footprint
An e-commerce website makes you available to consumers in a way that a traditional brick and mortar location cannot. Making your products and services available for purchase online lines you up with a whole new group of consumers you previously have not been able to reach.

3Permit Staying Competitive
e-commerce websites create additional competition for most businesses as well. Embrace this new way to sell to consumers; remain competitive with those that are leveraging this sales medium and outpace those that have yet to adapt!

4Provide Reduced Overhead
The overall costs of operating an e-commerce website are typically much less than those of traditional brick-and-mortar locations. You should realize savings on such major costs as rent, utilities, inventory and labor. An e-commerce website could be the optimal choice for expansion as opposed to opening a second location.

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