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Email Marketing

Does it make sense for you to tap into one of the most powerful marketing tools available? According to the Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing in 2011 delivered an ROI of $40.56 for every $1 invested! Sending consumers periodic email marketing communications from your business will encourage customer loyalty, acquire new customers and earn repeat business.

Neon Goldfish provides complete email marketing solutions that will make an impact on your bottom line. We can 1) help you build a list of consumers who want to receive information from your business, 2) design engaging messages, 3) deliver your message to your customer database and 4) track your campaign results.

What effective e-mail marketing does:

1Keeps Everyone Informed
Let consumers know about new products and services quickly. Advise them of upcoming events and promotions, industry news and announcements they would never know about without visiting your location or website. In short, take everything to them.

2Builds Customer Loyalty
Prevent your customers from being lured away by your competition. Keeping your customers engaged with periodic email messages will remind them why they do business with you. Position yourself as the customer-friendly standard that measures all others.

3Increases Customer Transaction Frequency
Cross-promote additional products that a customer did not purchase or announce a promotion to increase sales during off-peak times. Why? More interaction with your customers will lead to more transactions with your customers.

4Reinforces Your Blog and Social Media Platforms
Not every fan of your blog is familiar with RSS and may not know when you've posted new content. A simple email sent out letting your audience know of new content on your blog or social media platform will help drive more interest and more interactivity - among your different types of audiences.

5Leverages Quick Delivery / Quick Response
An email marketing campaign can be delivered to your entire database in a matter of minutes, making it an excellent tool for getting the message out quickly and realizing prompt responses from your customers. Forget about yesterday's painful (and costly!) process of printing, stamping, labeling and mailing.

6Increases Sales Conversion Rates
Prospective consumers don't necessarily turn into customers the first time they interact with your business. Some have more research to do or are simply not ready to make a purchase right then and there. Rather than letting them walk out your door or leave your website, capture their information so you can keep your business in front of them. You can never know when it will be purchase time, but you can always encourage that outcome.

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